DIY Harry Potter Workout Tank

I’m sure you’ve realized at this point that I like Harry Potter. Like a lot. (I’m a Hufflepuff if you’re curious)

So when I saw a way to make DIY t-shirt using only 5 items. I was in. And already knew my theme.

  • t-shirt
  • fabric paint
  • exacto knife
  • freezer paper
  • your design
  • iron

The hardest part was deciding on what I wanted to do as a design! I will warn you, the more tiny detailed, thin lines there are, the harder it is.

Easy, one solid piece

Easy, one solid piece

Medium, has inside pieces.

Medium, has inside pieces.

Not easy. Lots of tiny inside pieces.

Not easy. Lots of tiny inside pieces.

I ended up going with this beautiful stag / deathly hallows combo I found this tattoo design online and I loved it! (I’m not selling these, but be careful of copyright/ stealing people’s things)


I decided to not include the stag lines into the hallows symbol, but otherwise it was the same.

Steps were simple:

Print out design (or freehand it if that is your thing!)

Tape freezer paper (shiny side down) on top of your design.

Start cutting along the lines. REMEMBER you want to KEEP the white / inside pieces! the BLACK lines will be discarded.

Let the paint sit as long as it tells you too, then do the ever satisfying peeling off of the freezer paper.

Then rock your shirt with pride! I plan on making a bunch more of these. Get ready world!


Off to the gym I go…