Pies for Pi Day

It was a historic pi day yesterday! Why, you ask? So pi is 3.1415926 (etc.) and because it was 3/14/15 not just 3/14/_whatever year_ we got more matching digits than normal!

Anyways, it seemed like a good excuse to do some themed baking. Enter, mini apple pies! I adapted this recipe, details below.

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Health Cookies

I’m serious – health cookies! When I’m really on my game I like to make a batch of these on sunday night for some healthy start of the week snacking (they don’t usually last all the way through the week). They are *so simple* to make and you can add as many chocolate chips as it takes for you to feel indulgent (they are more health than cookie, to be fair… but still good!). I don’t remember where I got the recipe from but these babies are all over pinterest so I’m going to credit the blogosphere as a whole.


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