Work Life Balance or Sometimes… Imbalance

Need to go to the gym… need to get work done… Which to do?

Warning… this post is not going to be very exciting, I just kind of wanted to talk about the balance I’m trying to accomplish.

So recently, and by recently, I mean last week, I joined a gym. I’m also in the middle of student teaching, so I’m all over the place and very busy. I’m still a student, and a teacher, and trying to get in shape (Fiona’s wedding is coming up!).

So today if you had seen me at the gym, you would have seen me biking away (not on one of those cycling bikes, the regular kind) with my iPad. I spent the whole hour typing up a really detailed lesson plan. Only putting down the iPad when I was climbing a hill.

My parting advice is sometimes you have to prioritize, but sometimes prioritizing does not mean picking one. Sometimes it means picking them both and getting it done.

XOXO Hannah