Pies for Pi Day

It was a historic pi day yesterday! Why, you ask? So pi is 3.1415926 (etc.) and because it was 3/14/15 not just 3/14/_whatever year_ we got more matching digits than normal!

Anyways, it seemed like a good excuse to do some themed baking. Enter, mini apple pies! I adapted this recipe, details below.

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International Women’s Day Inspiration

There were a lot of great posts about international women’s day yesterday, but this one in particular seemed perfect for our group. Happy belated international women’s day, loves!

International Womens Day

XOXO Allie

Health Cookies

I’m serious – health cookies! When I’m really on my game I like to make a batch of these on sunday night for some healthy start of the week snacking (they don’t usually last all the way through the week). They are *so simple* to make and you can add as many chocolate chips as it takes for you to feel indulgent (they are more health than cookie, to be fair… but still good!). I don’t remember where I got the recipe from but these babies are all over pinterest so I’m going to credit the blogosphere as a whole.


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Turkey Meatballs

With approximately three hours before a marathon six-hour meeting with my capstone team last night (my Master’s thesis is a group consulting project known as “capstone”) I decided it would be a great idea to make a bunch of meatballs for the first time. Just another typical, hyper-glamorous grad school saturday.

While I surely could have used those three hours to fit in a little more research (or call my mom or do my laundry… hmmm) I have no regrets because these meatballs were super easy to make and also delicious, filling, and healthy. Also now I’ve got a few meals covered for the week!

Down to business. I adapted a recipe from The Bossy Italian Wife – you can find the original here.

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