Welcome to Fifi’s Chicken Pot Pie!   What a strange blog name, you may be thinking. Well, you’re right on that, it is perhaps unusual, but not without good reason!  We, the contributors of this happy little blog, love and cherish both each other and creating lovely things (some sewn, some cooked, some knit, some drawn) and while we hope that one day we’ll all live and love in a perfect little neighborhood with bright painted front doors and and a gigantic shared back yard with hammocks and an endless supply of wine coolers and pitted mixed olives, right now we live in a combination of overpriced noisy apartments with heat control issues, a room back home while in grad school, and an igloo formerly known as Hanover, New Hampshire.  So, until that blissful time comes when we’re not a collective 600 miles apart, here’s a blog, which we’ve named Fifi’s Chicken Pot Pie in the hopes that Fiona will thusly feel compelled to add her chicken pot pie recipe here (please do that Fifi. P.S., no need to answer my text, I came up with the name for the blog).


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