Littlest Camel Jumper

We have some lovely friends who recently welcomed a baby boy into their lives. He is just precious. Back when she was pregnant and I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl I decided to make them a little grey jumper. They also have a ceramic camel that they have had for a while, that was even present at their wedding. It seems like it makes sense to make them a little camel themed jumper.

I went with the Magic Troll Vest, which I have made in the past. Very clear instructions, and it knits up so quickly, perfect for a forgotten baby shower.

I used Swans Island Organic Washable DK, in two different grays, graphite and pewter, with size 5, 16-inch circulars.

I augmented the pattern a bit to fit my needs. I used this website to create the stitch pattern, and then knit the vest separately. First I knit the front panel, then the back panel, then ribbed and knit the shoulder straps, then ribbed the bottom together, then sewed up the sides.

I also made two detachable straps instead of a decorative one. I did this because through experience with babies, having multiple ways to put outfits on is the best.

XOXO Hannah

dsc_0231-4  dsc_0236


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