How to Host the Perfect Party

We like parties. Getting together, same people, new people, it’s all fun times. There is one thing we like more than parties. Themed Parties. From the typical New Years bash with gold and black accents everywhere to the more obscure Gnome-themed birthday party we like to get into it.

To date we have celebrated:

  • Gnome birthday
  • Justin Bieber birthday
  • New Years Eve
  • Harry Potter Halloween
  • Nutflakes (Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice)
  • Dinosaur birthday
  • Friendsgiving
  • Dress like the boys birthday
  • And endless more.

We think any good party should have some kind of theme involved. Regardless if you plan on creating a party where the decorations involve sticking spiders all over the walls, or just a theme throughout the apartment.

A good theme is able to engage the guests as well as provide them with a structure so they know what to expect when they show up.

  1. Provide a clear invitation so people know what they are getting into is happening.
  2. Provide visuals in the home so that the guests feel inspired by the theme regardless of where they are.
  3. Encourage a dress code; wizard, plaid, or just plain fancy.
  4. Provide appropriate nourishment that goes with your theme. Again the goal is to provide your guest with inspiration for your theme.
  5. Themed drinks are never a bad idea. Especially if you have a fun drink menu to accompany them.

We are in agreement that this all makes sense. But how do you pull it off?


Seriously. We planned for over a month for the Harry Potter Halloween. Google docs, floor plans, shopping lists, hourly countdown, we had it all.

When planning a party we usually go through the following steps.

  1. Find an excuse, sorry I mean, a reason for a party. Birthdays, holidays, graduations, births, acceptance letters, Saturdays. 
  2. Play around with themes. Think about different aspects of the person or thing you are celebrating. Take Rocky, Devlin’s dog and official mascot for the group. When celebrating his birthday do we go with a dog theme? Or do we go with a costume party since he owns so many outfits? Is the theme flurry things since he is so fluffy? Is it rock themed due his name? Is it Dorothy themed due to his Kansas origins? Is it a cheese themed party since he enjoys eating cheese so much?There are so many options.  
  3. Once you pick a theme it is broken down into 4 categories: 1.  Food 2. Drinks 3. Decor 4. Dress code.
  4. They should all reflect the theme. Is it the rock theme?
    1. Food should not be in liquid form- no soups. Rock candy is a must.
    2. Drinks should be on the rocks! Stock up on ice.
    3. Pebbles in dishes and paper mâché rocks hung from the ceiling.
    4. Dress code should involve a bunch of grey and jewelry with rocks. Think geodes.
  5. Now that you have a plan. Start figuring things out in three categories. Needs to be done in advance, day of, and just before. Advance things tend to be decorative. Make them now so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the crafts mess. Day of tends to be setting up. Just before is pretty much always food. (Unless it’s rock candy. Then that is advance or day of) make a list- sorting everything you will need to do into these three categories.
  6. Don’t forget to take pictures!!! Something this amazing you will want to preserve. Although you might leave some of the decorations up after the party- since they look so great. 
  7. Last bit of advice. Incorporate a photo booth with props as often as possible. You and your guests will appreciate it. 

xoxo Hannah


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